Warrior Outdoors TV show

About The Show

The founders and volunteer's of Warrior Outdoors; take great pride in recognizing the dedication of our guest heros. Our country's veterans and first responders' patriotism and their sacrifice.  And look forward to exploring the respected traditions of hunting. Warrior Outdoors' mission is to honor our country's service men and women by utilizing the outdoors as a means to heal.


It is our honor to take a hero on a guided and recorded hunt that may be featured on Warrior Outdoors TV show and website. Each hunt will capture our guest, guides and hosts gearing up, setting out; and if all are well prepared and we are lucky, we can tag our target animal.

Our  military veterans, fire fighters, police, EMS who chose, on a daily basis, to put their lives on the line to defend our freedom and help others are all eligible. We feature weapons in the AR platform while following the local laws and safety requirements set by the DNR or the guides.

Warrior Outdoors understands our right to harvest animals and will continue the traditions of safety and respect handed down through generations of hunting. Warrior Outdoors goal will always be " One shot one kill".

Randal Reeder (pictured below) is a professional actor, producer, director and writer. With many accomplishments to his credit. He is  the executive producer of the Warrior Outdoors Television show. Which will be airing in 2016 on the Pursuit Channel. To learn more about Randal Reeder check out his BIO on the Founders and Directors page.


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