Retirement of the OH-58 D Kiowa Warrior Aircraft

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images News / Getty Images

On July 28 th the United States Army 10th Combat Aviation Brigade 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment retired the OH-58 D Kiowa Warrior Aircraft. And in a ceremony  conducted a flight over Fort Drum, New York.

The squadron consisted of over 30 OH-58 D Kiowa aircraft that are still considered to be reliable despite their age. Because the future of the united states is ever changing and the environment in which the military is currently conducting global missions, it became the only  alternative for the squadron.

One of the first 10th Mountain Division (LI) Aviators to fly the OH-58 D Kiowa aircraft, was 10th Combat Aviation commander,  Col. Michael C. McCurry, during 1994 when the craft was being fielded in the division.

While the last flight over Fort Drum was somber, it gave the pilots great pride in the fact that they could be a part of the final flight for the aircraft that will be flown back to Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield for the last time. For these men the flight was considered an honor and the best tribute they could give to their fellow Air Cavalry Troopers that gave the ultimate sacrifice during their career.