Ice Cream For Tickets


In a world full of bad, comes something good, Police Officers in Warner Robbins, GA handed out Ice cream treats from Dairy Queen rather then handing out tickets. Naturally it came as a surprise to many unsuspecting motorist. 

The ice cream dream team of officers were helping with a fundraiser for a local children's hospital. It was the city's way of supporting Dairy Queen's Miracle Treat Day by partnering with the Children's Miracle Network Hospital. The officers handed out the sweet treat to those with minor violations. With one gentlemen being stopped for faulty tail lights. 

This is not the only occurrence of a Police officers showing their good side. A month prior to the Dairy Queen event. An officer in Minnesota spent his last day of work handing out gift cards to people in his community that he felt might need a little extra. He wanted to make sure that parents could by toys for their kids or get groceries to feed their families.

The final tally according to the Children's Miracle Network that would be donated to children's hospital's, was an amazing $2 Million dollars. Confirmation that even in a bad economy and time where everything seems hopeless. A glimmer of happiness and plain old goodness far outshines any form of evil.