What is a memory worth to you?

Most people would tell you in the event of a home fire the most difficult thing to loose would be the photos and other items that cannot be replaced.  Not because they have a huge monetary value, but because of the sentimental value.


Now, REVERSE THAT THOUGHT.  Imagine yourself in the shoes of a military person having to witness the views and memories that they might have seen.  Or, imagine being an emergency responder first on the scene of a terrible car accident.  You would want to forget those memories and visions as quickly as possible.

Warrior Outdoors, a NON-PROFIT organization understands that we cannot erase those memories, but we can try to replace them with HEALING THROUGH HUNTING.  By giving military veterans and first responders an experience with a guided hunt, our goal is to provide the people we impact with a positive experience they might try to remember in times of difficulty.

Because we are a NON-PROFIT organization, we need the help and support of people like you.  When we take a veteran or a first responder out for a hunt, we believe they have paid their fee to society through the service they provided.  Therefore, we pay for all of their expenses for these experiences.  We do not just include the hunt.  Since our hunts are recorded for our upcoming Television show, we also include travel, lodging, food, entertainment, and trinkets.  We will also have other experiences such as MONSTER TRUCKS, PAINTBALL, SKEET SHOOTING, and the introduction to some of today’s TOP MUSICAL TALENT.


We understand times are tough all over and your heart says to give freely, but your wallet says give frugally. So we ask you to help us out with any kind of donation that you feel is worth replacing some bad memories with some good ones.


Even if you cannot donate, please forward this to anyone you think might be able to help.

We understand what it is like to come home and have no one to talk to about experiences. This campaign is important to us because we will get service veterans to the outdoors with other veterans and the greatest people the TV industry has to offer. By donating to our cause you can be a part of helping veterans of our nation get there life back. Our project with Warrior Outdoors is important to our country because the health of our service veterans is priceless. Our veterans put so much on the line everyday, the least we can do is give a little back. If you cannot contribute money to the cause you can still help by getting the word out.  Remember every little bit counts and you can make a difference. Click below to thank a hero.  All donations will go to help Warrior Outdoors to support service warriors of our great country!


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