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Singer/Songwriter/Actor Dustin Luther Wilkes was born in Commerce, Georgia. Like growing up in “Mayberry”.  Dustin had a classic southern upbringing. Dustin grew up watching his father shake hands and conduct himself like a perfect southern gentleman and over all good man.  Watching his father behave this way in both business and personal situations is what Dustin credits as to how he loves his fans. Dustin never meets a stranger talking to everyone he meets and the fans love him for his open and loving personality. When fans come to his meet and greets, Dustin has been know to go through several boxes of sharpies as he signs, hugs, and takes pictures with the fans as long as they want. He loves them.

Just like Elvis, Dustin truly loved his mother and did not heal quickly from her passing. It had been almost a year and a half after her death when Dustin decided to run from his pain. 1999 Dustin enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  By the time Dustin’s Marine Corps tour was over he had been tagged the “Singing Marine”.  He wrote the national campaign song for the United States Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots Foundation. After touring around the Country for a year and serving as a representative for the foundation, Dustin’s song and his efforts had raised over $350,000 for the foundation.  He was also able to pass out toys to needy children from four tractor tailors that were full of toys from his efforts. The following week Dustin was awarded the much-coveted Navy Marine Corps Achievement Medal and was recognized as the only marine in military history to receive the award for writing a song.

Nothing stops a relentless dream chaser.

The rest of this story moves pretty fast. After spending eight months as a bouncer and bar back, a moment of being at the right place at the right time paid off.  One night Dustin started to notice that the crowd got really thick, and when he turned around, Kid Rock, Pam Anderson and Hank Williams JR. were standing there to greet him. Kid Rock and Pam Anderson were getting married right there during his show. Turns out they had searched Nashville for the right place and the right show to crash and Dustin was what they were looking for. You can follow this story in PEOPLE MAGAZINE, CELEBRITY GOSSIP, EXPOSAY and many other celebrity coverage forms.

One evening in 2006 Dustin’s cheap prepaid cell phone rang and it was a lady from the William Morris Talent Agency. Dustin was being invited to audition for the USA Networks Hit TV Show NASHVILLE STAR. Dustin was a top performer and made it on to the show as one of the top ten finalists. Dustin’s songs have been played on over a thousand radio stations world wide, he continues to fill seats in venues across the country with his powerful vocals and impossible to ignore stage presence. He frequently writes with a very long and distinguished list of hit songwriters and artists from Nashville. Dustin’s song have been recorded and released by many independent artist and have been put on hold six times by major artists.  Dustin is a talented voice over actor and has recently played lead and supporting roles in independent films across the south. 

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