Founder and Executive Producer Randal Reeder

Founder and Executive Producer of the Warrior Outdoors Television Show, Randal Reeder

Texas Chapter

Randal Reeder is a professional actor, producer, director and writer.

At age eighteen, Randal made his TV debut as a professional wrestler. Over the years, he has performed on cards and shared the locker room with many past and future legends such as... Mick Foley, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lynn, Sean Waltman (XPAC), Scott Anthony Levy (Raven) and (Stonecold) Steve Austin.


Randal was able to parlay his TV wrestling career into an acting career by playing in low budget films, as well as co-starring on multiple episodes of WALKER, TEXAS RANGER with Chuck Norris. 

In the late 90’s, Randal had the opportunity to work for WWE’s Shawn Michaels in San Antonio, quickly becoming one of Shawn’s top stars as  half of a tag team. After dissolving that tag team and uniting with his old friend Wayne Knight as the FU Man Kru, he and Wayne became the go to veterans of the organization to break in the students entering the card. Randal and Wayne gave the first match and/or first TV matches to future WWE stars such as... Brian Danielson, Brian Kendrick and the late Lance Cade. 

In 2004, Randal played a hit man role in the blockbuster film SIN CITY, as well as a major role in the cult comedy film, IDIOCRACY, where he became friends with, and continues to work with writer/director Mike Judge to this day. After these two pivotal roles, Randal continued to build his Hollywood credits acting in such films and TV shows as GRANDMA’S BOY, HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY, JAKE IN PROGRESS, ER and RENO 911! as well working as a utility voice in numerous guest-starring roles on the animated series KING OF THE HILL.

In 2007, Randal was able to move back home to East Texas to be with his three children, while still continuing his acting career. The move proved to be a good one as Randal continued to rack up acting credits in major motion pictures, working with such directors and actors as Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone and actor Josh Brolin in W. and director Tim Blake Nelson and Academy Award winning actor Edward Norton in LEAVES OF GRASS while also playing multiple roles in many more films over the years.

Over the next few years, while enjoying a successful acting career, Randal decided to make the next jump to filmmaker by co-writing, producing and directing two feature films.

In 2010, Randal, along with his partners, started developing an idea that Randal had for a hunting and cooking show called KILLIN’ N’ GRILLIN’. In September 2010, they began filming, and in December of that year KILLIN’ N’ GRILLIN’ made its debut on Pursuit Channel to rave revues. The first season saw several guest stars and appearances from Randal's friends, celebrities and musicians, such as, comedian Jon Reep, Hobson Smith, Mike Judge, John Popper of Blues Traveler, and the Casey Donahew Band.

In 2011, Randal played the role of Karl in the feature film 21 JUMP STREET, working opposite the stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, as well as playing along side the legendary Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise from the original show cast.

In late 2011, it was decided to change the name of the show from KILLIN’ N’ GRILLIN’ to KNG CHRONICLES and expand its reach. So in late December, 2012, KNG CHRONICLES began airing on Pursuit Channel as well as the Sportsman Channel. The new show continued to climb in the ratings, gaining popularity and featured musical guests, such as Kevin Fowler, Aaron Lewis, and The Josh Abbott.

Randal's most recent accomplishments include acting in the movie "Deadpool, along with being the executive producer of the Warrior Outdoors Television Show that will be airing soon in 2016 on the Pursuit Channel!