Missouri Director Justin Snodgrass

Justin Snodgrass Director of the Missouri Regiment of Warrior Outdoors

Justin Snodgrass graduated high school and joined the Marine Corps in 2002.  He spent four years with 3rd battalion 5th Marine Regiment, was deployed three times to Iraq, and then went on to basic school, as well as the 3rd battalion 6th Marine Regiment. He was then deployed  to Afghanistan. 

Since his deployment, Justin has suffered with PTSD. Because off the severity of this disorder,he was very beat down and began to drink heavily.  At one low point of Justin's  life, he contemplated  suicide,  and would have, if it were not for a friend who helped Justin to become sober. That friend also provided a method of  healing,  by taking Justin outdoors on a fishing trip. 

Because of that fishing trip, Justin’s life has taken a turn for the better.  He has fought hard to pick himself up from that low point to flourish in life where he is today. A Truck driver and a father of 3 amazing children. Along with his wife who supports him 100%. by daily encouraging him to keep pushing himself to be better. And in so doing Justin has begun the long road back to healing. 

Justin’s dedication to our country and the Marine Corps pushes him to give back. He is presently working to give his fellow Marine Brothers and sisters the same healing opportunity. Justin is the director of the Missouri Chapter of Warrior Outdoors. He is dedicated to helping and promoting not only Warrior Outdoors but his community as well.