Art Director Francine Davis

Francine Davis Warrior Outdoors Art Director and Fundraising Chairman

Georgia Chapter

Francine Davis graduated Forsyth County High School in 1990 and went on to study Commercial Photography at Gwinnett Technical College. Where she obtained her Associates degree in Commercial Photography.

While in school she interned with Gwinnett County Police Department in specialized study of forensic photography. Upon graduation Francine secured a position working with GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) Division Of Forensic Science. She held a unique position in the Forensic Photography Department. Her duties were split between three different agencies including State Patrol, Pardons & Paroles and GBI. 

During this time Francine met and married Ronald Davis JR., an Army Airborne Ranger from Fort Benning, GA. Their marriage was short lived and soon they were divorced. Later In 2008 Ronald passed away. These events brought on a career change for Francine. She left the GBI in 1999 and after several odd jobs and volunteering her time with Canine Assistance (a non-profit dedicated to training full service dogs for the handicapped). She went to work for Year One Inc. in August of 2000 as an Imaging Specialist/Photographer.

While at Year One, Francine learned the fine art of graphic design and publication. She successfully worked seven years thriving in the Automotive and Restoration Industry. Until late 2007 early 2008 when the first gas crisis hit and the economy took a downfall. Francine along with many fellow employees were laid off. 

Once again Francine found herself working many odd jobs over the next seven years. In 2014 she agreed to help take care of her ailing Grandmother. She spent a year and half working as a caregiver until the death of her Grandmother in April of 2015. This precious time afforded Francine the chance to work for Warrior Outdoors where she has been able to once agin use her Photographic and design talents. 

Although Francine is not a veteran she does have an understanding of the affects that PTSD has on Veterans and First Responders. Her time working for GBI exposed her to many sights, sounds and smells that trigger negative responses. After surviving several suicides of close friends, co-workers and her ex-husband. It is her sincere hope and desire to help others find a way out of the dark despair that consumes many of our brave men and women serving us daily.

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