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How does Target template therapy work with us?

PTSD treatment can assist participants in identifying and regulating not only fear and anxiety but a rnage of emotions. 

In learning skills for anxiety management and congnitive restructuring, participants may benefit from gaining ways to recognize, verbally label and cognitvely re-construct emotions.

So We Ask...What Trigger's You?!

Warrior Outdoors creates an environment where our Veterans come togther in a relaxed natural setting. We give our recipents the oppurtunity to share with their peers. We often have clinicans to attend over night weekend excursions. To carefully give the care needed by our Veterans. Through music, talking and doing outdoor activites we encourage our Veterans to face their fears in a welcoming, safe and friendly environment.  Through this process many Veterans learn quickly how to channel triggers making them realisticly managable. This helps our Veteran's feel more like themselves and improves relationships all around. And what could be better for our Veteran's and their families than having the ability to heal those wounds that can't be seen on the outside!