Warrior Outdoors Regiments

Warrior Outdoors Regiments

Warrior Outdoors is a National Organization with Regiments (chapters) currently in Georgia, Missouri and Michigan. Our National Offices are located in Jefferson GA and over see all the regiments. We are striving to have Regiments in all 50 states! 

If you are interested in getting involved with Warrior Outdoors and possibly starting a regiment in your state. Please fill out the sign up form below and someone will contact you!


Georgia Regiment

Established in 2013, the Georgia Regiment is the original founding regiment of Warrior Outdoors. The Georgia regiment is currently lead by Andy Wickman.


Missouri Regiment

Established in early 2014, the Missouri Regiment is the second regiment to grow for Warrior Outdoors. The Missouri Regiment is currently lead by Justin Snodgrass, a Marine since 2002. 


Michigan Regiment

Established in late 2014, the Michigan Regiment is the third regiment for Warrior Outdoors. The Michigan Regiment is currently lead by Marine Matt Hingston.